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"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder one of four marshals saying, `There is no hope, only rules.`"
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Pro Tip!
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Scattered throughout the wiki are these Pro Tips! They contain useful tidbits of information about the sections they are included in. Be sure to pay attention when you come across them, as they can make your wiki experience a lot easier!

Welcome to the Oblivion LARP Rules Wiki!

This wiki will provide you with all the most up-to-date and archived Rules and Logistics information that you will need in order to play our game and interact with the game world. Please make sure you go through each section and article in order to fully learn the systems used to play the game. Here are some key things to keep in mind about this wiki:

  • This Wiki is fully searchable! If you're not sure where to click to find the information you're looking for, just use the search bar in the upper right corner!
  • Every page on this wiki can be exported to a PDF file using the PDF Export link at the top right of every page to the left of the search bar. This is very handy for people looking to have an offline quick-reference file for any specific article.
  • The wiki is an ever-changing animal. As rules get added, removed, changed, updated, etc. then this wiki will be updated to reflect those things and announcements will often be made regarding these changes as well.

With this all in mind, now you can get started on reading up about the specifics of our game's system!

Getting Started

The most important information you should read first in order to give you an idea of the game's systems: