"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder one of four marshals saying, `There is no hope, only rules.`"
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Aside from the mechanical aspects of playing the game, there are various back-end concepts that keep the game running outside of IG character interactions. Such things include the out-of-game regulations and costs associated with playing, player reward systems, and the general how-to of LARPing independent of character skills and abilities. While most of the scope of Logistics is handled by official staff, the following section contains everything the average player needs to know to help the Logistics Staff keep the game running efficiently and effectively, so there’s more time for fun!

Event Participation Agreement

As is common for most LARPs, we have an agreement we require our players to read, sign, and adhere to. Feel free to check it out on our Event Participation Agreement page.


People of a wide age range can take part in and enjoy the game. To ensure proper safety and, barring circumstances with inappropriate content or legal and insurance issues, players who attend must be at least 14 years of age and all players regardless of age must sign a copy of our Event Participation Agreement. If you are under the age of 18, you must also have your legal parent or guardian sign the Event Participation Agreement. If you are under 18, your legal parent or guardian must also be present when signing the Event Participation Agreement; we, unfortunately, cannot not accept a pre-signed form unless that form is notarized. Also, proof of identity will be required when signing the Event Participation Agreement. The Event Participation Agreement can typically be obtained at a live event at check-in or downloaded here: Event Participation Agreement. Please Note the game can include themes and limited content such as violence, gore, language, and / or mild sexuality. Attendee and Parent / Guardian discretion is advised.

Costs to Play and Things to Buy

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Already know what you're looking to buy? No problem! Check out our Online Store to make your purchase!

We are an affordable game that has an easy-to-understand cost breakdown for everything we have to offer. Costs to play per event are on a month-to-month basis. This cost is the same regardless of how long someone wants to stay at any given event for. There are no other fees associated with attending; however, we do offer various optional purchases for players, including a meal plan, snacks and drinks, as well as "Survival Kits" which are filled with usable in-game items for characters should they decide to purchase them. There may also be other special purchases that are not mandatory but grant boons or other special bonuses to characters. Through our Preregistration system, you can save money on the event cost as well.

Our most popular items are highlighted in Orange on our pricing chart below!
Monthly Event Pricing
Event Tier Cost Notes
Trial Mode $20.00 Playing the game in this mode will NOT grant the character AP or Levels for attending. Players will get a $5.00 discount when preregistering only for this total.

This mode cannot be Back Bought.

Normal Mode $30.00 Playing the game in this mode will grant the character AP, but no Level for attending. Players will get a $5.00 discount when preregistering only for this total.

If an existing player at the game missed an event, he or she may Back Buy this mode at a $10.00 discount, but it will only grant a total of 2 AP regardless of the base AP of the character.

Beast Mode $40.00 Playing the game in this mode will grant the character +1 Level and AP for attending. Players will get a $5.00 discount when preregistering only for this total.

If an existing player at the game missed an event, he or she may Back Buy this mode at a $10.00 discount, but it will only grant a total of +1 Level and 2 AP regardless of the base AP of the character.

Additionally, this mode may be back bought up to a maximum of 3 times for events prior to a character being first created at the game, in which the Levels and AP will be gained by the player and be allowed to spent on the character.

Additional Items for Purchase
Extra Purchase Cost Notes
First Event Cost FREE Is this your first event as a player at the game? You get to play for free!
D&T Points $15.00 Gain access to use your Death & Taxes points after the event. $5.00 discount on this price if bought with preregistration. D&T points must be spent before the deadline for D&T submissions following the event or else they are forfeit. See Death and Taxes for more information.
+2 Starting Levels $50.00 If you are within your first 3 events playing a brand new character, you can purchase this package to have your character start with +2 Levels and the extra AP that he or she would have earned as a result of gaining those levels.
Full Time NPC FREE Want to full-time NPC? It's free and you get some pretty cool perks for doing it. Please click on the "PC / NPC" icon for more information regarding Full Time NPCing.
+1 AP $5.00 A little extra AP can go a long way towards learning abilities that you want your character to have. For a low, reasonable price, you can get up to 2 additional AP per Level that you earn for each separate character that you have!
RecRoom Bonus $5.00 While in the RecRoom only, your character benefits from having a base Recovery Interval of one step lower to a minimum of 15 seconds. If a character already has a 15-second recovery interval for some reason, he or she may choose to recover two separate things he or she could normally recover simultaneously instead. Additionally, Recovery can be done while the character is relaxing, lounging, watching movies, and / or playing games in the RecRoom rather than specifically taking a knee. Furthermore, whenever your character recovers to his or her Power Uses to maximum in the RecRoom during the event, he or she will gain +1 Physical Power Use and +1 Cerebral Power Use. Lastly, you can restock one single Med Pack of any rank for free once per period in the RecRoom.
Craft Haven $5.00 While in the RecRoom only, your character can craft, repair, perform surgeries, and perform other applicable “long work” in one time interval less than it normally takes, rounded to the nearest time minute interval lower than the base time. This will not reduce time to less than 5 minutes total, but this will stack with other effects that also reduce time intervals in this way. All other normal craft, repair, surgery, etc. role play and physreps are required as normal.
Survival Kit $5.00 Small “kits” with in-game items or boons that will benefit your character. Each one has a percentage chance of having an Heirloom! There is no limit to the number you can purchase, though the first 4 purchases (that would be 8 'kits' total) come at a 2-for-1 deal!
Snacks / Drinks Varies Our "a la carte" snacks and food costs vary, depending upon what you might want. Typically, items are anywhere between $1.00 and $5.00 per item. To inquire about a specific snack item, ask an appropriate marshal.
Permanent Attribute $50.00 Once ever per character, any player may purchase +1 permanent attribute for one of his or her characters.
Favor $1.00 Direct purchasing of Favor Points at a 1:1 ratio. Favor can be used exclusively to get special bonuses for your character, buy specific in-game items, or even change your out-of-game experience by getting out of an NPC shift or cleanup shift.
Yearly Level Up! $50.00 Once per year, any player may purchase an additional +1 Level for one of his or her characters (AP is not included).
Yearly AP Package $50.00 Once per year, any player may purchase the equivalent of one event's worth of their Base AP (Intelligence bonus included, though no other bonuses count toward this number) to spend in their next Level Up!.

How to Attend

Interested in attending an event? Feel free to just show up at the door! However, if you want some cool bonuses and even a discount, there are some extra things you can do to make it an even better experience for you. Bonuses for both preregistration and prenotification stack with each other!


Preregistration is simply the term used to describe when a player pays for an event beforehand. By doing this, players can earn bonuses, and the staff can better plan modules and loot distribution during events. Here are the rules regarding preregistration and what you get for doing so:

  • Preregistration is done through the online Store
  • Players must Preregister for an event at least 1 week before the event; after this time, any preregistration purchased through the online system will count towards the following event, not the upcoming one.
  • Players receive a $5.00 credit towards Food Service for preregistering for an event
  • There is a strict NO REFUND policy for all Preregistrations, regardless of whether or not a player actually attends the event. You may still submit a Level Up! contact form for your character as normal if you preregister but do not show up
  • For preregistering, one of your characters will get +1 AP, +4 heal-able Hit Points, and +1 additional (Non-Extraordinary) Power Use (of choice) for the weekend (chosen for the event at the time of check-in).


Prenotification is done through the online Prenotification Form. Below are the related bonuses and rules for Prenotification:

  • For Prenotifying, players choose one of their characters to receive +4 heal-able Hit Points and +1 additional [Non-Extraordinary] Power Use (of choice) for the weekend (chosen for the event at the time of check-in).
  • Players must Prenotify for an event at least 1 week before the event to qualify for event bonuses.
  • Players can only Prenotify for one event at a time.
  • In regards to preferred NPC shifts, please note that player preference may not always be able to be accommodated.

Though it does not qualify as official event Prenotification, players are encourages to show their public support by checking out upcoming events on the Oblivion Facebook Page and mark themselves as "Attending"!

Arrival and Departure

Whether arriving to an event or departing an event, there are certain procedures that must be followed by all players.


Once players arrive on camp they should:

  • Go to the main building to speak with Logistics
  • Pay Logistics for the event and any extras they may be purchasing (if not already preregistered/purchased extras beforehand), and sign up for an NPC shift
  • Logistics will print player character cards for returning players / players who already submitted a character card before the event; otherwise new players will be directed to the New Player Trainer and given a pre-generated character card
  • Opening Ceremonies will take place approximately by 9-10pm. It is encouraged that after checking in players set up their sleeping area and get changed into costuming/NPC clothing during this time
  • Once Opening Ceremonies is concluded, Lay-On will be called and the fun begins!


When players are ready to leave the event / Lay-Off is called:

  • There is no formal check-out process, and printed character cards are not collected by Logistics (nor does Logistics provide any kind of bag to hold or store cards or items for players); however, it is recommended that players inform the Logistics Member on-duty to ensure they have completed your NPC assignment or make arrangements to make up any missed duties prior to leaving camp.
  • While camp cleanup is not mandatory, it is expected that players clean up their own sleeping areas and any character props / costuming they may have brought, and it is encouraged they assist in cleanup when able. Cleanup volunteers receive 50 Favor Points and +1 AP for helping, and can sometimes even receive IG items and rewards for their characters for their time.
  • Players are encouraged to submit their Level Up! Forms as soon as possible after the event to ensure Logistics can update cards both offline and online in an expedient fashion.

What to Bring to an Event

What should I bring to an event?” This is a question that is often asked. In short, there are several necessities and various items that can and should be brought to any event.

  • Costuming and all physreps you need for your own character: Any items, makeup, costuming, weapons, and armor that you can think of to bring to outfit your own player character.
  • Food and Drink: While the game does supply a Food Service for players, we encourage everyone to pack their own food, snacks and / or drinks. Staying hydrated and eating well are of the utmost importance during any weekend and it is your own responsibility to ensure you are well-fed and well-hydrated.
  • Changes of real-world clothes, especially socks: Often times the weather can change dramatically and without warning. Having dry, clean clothes is very important.
  • Bug spray: Since events can take place outdoors, bring bug spray.
  • Sun Block: Even in the winter, the sun beats down on everyone. Playing for hours and hours every month in the light can be detrimental and uncomfortable.
  • Small medical kit: While games should plan on having a medical kit available for anyone that needs it, you can never be too careful. Having a small kit with peroxide, bandages, and antiseptic cream will go a long way.
  • Camping Items: Remember, even though this is a game, you are, essentially, camping for a weekend. Bring any other items you feel you would need on any normal camping trip! This can include, but is not limited to, sleeping bags, cots, air mattresses, flashlights, pillows, blankets, and more.

General Gameplay


The atmosphere of the game is something that should be as realistically appropriate to the game genres as possible. Because of this, there are certain rules that must be followed during any and every event. Most importantly, is to ensure an appropriate game atmosphere through prop and costume use. Garbage should always be picked up and thrown out as well. Additionally, there is normally a designated out-of-game area for people who need to go out-of-game for any reason. Smoking, real-world cell phone use, and other out-of-game related actions such as these typically must be done in the designated out-of-game areas. Also, while many games will understand the ease and even need to break character at certain points during the event, it is suggested to keep such occurrences be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the highest level of immersion possible.

Sleeping areas are also usually requested to maintain an in-game ambiance. This is more important for shared sleeping areas, but is strongly encouraged for individual sleeping areas as well.

Something important to note with Game Ambiance is that safety and fairness always comes first. While characters may want to sleep with the doors of their cabins locked, doing so on an out of game level is often not permitted, as it can cause a fire hazard or may cause items to be inadvertently locked inside with no one being able to get in. Also, characters with appropriate in-game skills may be able to pick locks, but out-of-game the player is not able to pick the out-of-game lock. For these reasons, buildings should always remain unlocked out of game and appropriate item cards and marshal notes must be left on doors that are locked in game. If you want to lock up personal belongings, please do so in your own vehicle or in a lock box. Another aspect to this rule is the concept of "claiming buildings" or "claiming tent sites" on certain camps. While we do encourage games to allow groups of players to band together on an in-game level and encourage immersion, we emphasize the importance of sharing sleeping space fairly so that no one feels excluded on an out-of-game level. As such, unless an entire building or camp site cannot physically hold or sleep more people than the number of people in a group, whether in-game or out-of-game, players must share sleeping space and allow cohabitation of buildings and tent sites. Only a Marshal or camp policy may indicate whether or not a building or tent site is filled to capacity for this purpose. If any player or group turns away a player from utilizing a sleeping area, that individual or group may receive conduct violations.

Times and Periods

There are a total of 5 periods per event, each of which is 4 hours long:

  • Friday Night: 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
  • Saturday Morning: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Saturday Afternoon: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Saturday Evening: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday Night: 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
  • Sunday Morning: There is no "official" Sunday Morning Period for game play. Sunday morning is reserved for cleanup and Closing Ceremonies- a quick out-of-game, post-event meeting to wrap up the weekend and make any additional announcements that were not made in the beginning or came up during the event.

PCing and NPCing

During events, players and staff, while adhering the rules of the game, will take on various acting roles and responsibilities for the entirety of the event. People who are attending to play the game can conceptualize and create their own recurring character based on the rules and plotline of the game. These recurring characters are played by the person that creates them each time they pay to attend an event. The characters grow in power and knowledge for each event that a person pays to attend. Playing these characters is referred to as “PCing” (Player Character-ing). At Oblivion, people paying to attend an event will PC for a majority of the weekend.

However, to perpetuate the plotlines written by staff and to keep players entertained, there needs to be a set of roles which are created by staff and role-played by both staff and players. For a short time each event, attending players are required to have what is referred to as an “NPC shift.” NPCing (Non-player Character-ing) is the term used for role-playing as a staff-conceptualized and created character for the purposes of perpetuating plotlines written by staff and to entertain players. Think of an NPC shift as a work shift. Not everyone is on the same shift, so players who are PCing will always be interacting with staff and players who are NPCing. Since shifts rotate, everyone will have the opportunities to PC and NPC.


There are some basic rules regarding Shifts that everyone must be aware of. They are as follows:

  • Shifts coincide with our Gameplay Periods. Since there are 5 Gameplay Periods in an event, there are 5 possible shifts in an event. Please see our Times and Periods section for more information regarding Periods and their times
  • Players, by default, have only 1 NPC Shift per event that they are required to perform each event; however, this number could change depending upon a number of things such as staff position requirements, consequences for violations, and / or voluntarily doing extra shifts to earn Favor Points or make up for missing shift time. Sometimes shift times may be reduced or eliminated entirely for players as well, depending upon the circumstances.
  • Players must be on time for their NPC Shifts. This means arriving at NPC ready to go by the start time of your shift. There is a 10 minute courtesy window for players; however, anything beyond this will be rounded up to the nearest 15-minute interval and count as being that late to the shift. Players are required to stay past the end of his or her NPC shift to make up for missed time.
  • Sometimes NPC Shifts may go over their normal time slot. This is never done on purpose and we make every conceivable effort to avoid this; however, if and when it does, players are required to remain on Shift for the entire duration. Favor Points will be rewarded for additional NPC Shift time as normal.
  • While on an NPC Shift, players will be required to take on various roles. While we understand that not all roles are desirable to play and plot will do their best to facilitate everyone having a role they enjoy to play, sometimes that cannot always happen. Nonetheless, all players are expected to take whatever NPC roles are assigned to them and to portray and play these NPC roles to the absolute best of his or her ability
  • Unless for an emergency reason, players are not allowed to leave his or her NPC Shift early. Even in the case of an emergency or extenuating circumstance, it is required for a player to notify and work with an appropriate Marshal when an emergency or extenuating circumstance presents itself
  • The Logistics Team is responsible for assigning all NPC Shifts each event for every attending player. Logistics works with Plot in order to minimize the chances that a player could be NPCing during a period in which the plot team would be running something particularly interesting for or involved with that player's PC. That being said, however, players are more than welcome to request specific NPC shifts if they desire by simply Prenotifying for an event. Please note, there may be times, though, when Logistics cannot accommodate an NPC Shift request

Failing to abide by the NPC Shift rules counts as a Rules Violation and can result in consequences.

PCing Multiple Characters

Players may PC one additional character each month at an additional cost. The cost for this varies because it includes a tiered approach to allow players a range of options when deciding if they should play an alt. Beyond this, it is also required for players to preregister for an event that he or she wishes to PC multiple characters in; this is to ensure proper plot scheduling. It is important to note that the player is ultimately responsible for choosing when to PC his or her characters, though Logistics and Plot will work with the player to try to ensure maximum in-game enjoyability for the player. A character must be PC'd, however, for at least one full period at a time and a player will still have his or her NPC shift as normal. For a breakdown of cost and tier for PCing multiple characters, please see the following:

Our most popular multi-PC options are highlighted in Orange on our pricing chart below!
Monthly Event Pricing (Alternate Characters)
Event Tier Cost Notes
Trial Mode $5.00 With this tier of play, you can show up as your alternate character for the event for a minimum of 1 shift period and a maximum of 2 shift periods. Your alt does not earn any Levels or AP.
Normal Mode $15.00 With this tier of play, you can show up as your alternate character for the event for a minimum of 1 shift period and a maximum of 2 shift periods. Your alt earns his or her AP as normal, but not +1 Level.
Beast Mode $25.00 With this tier of play, you can show up as your alternate character for the event for a minimum of 1 shift period and a maximum of 2 shift periods. Your alt earns his or her AP as normal and +1 Level.

In addition to all of this, the player's characters can never directly know each other, communicate with each other, trade with each other, or in any way, shape, or form even pseudo-interact with each other. The maximum extent of any involvement between a player's multiple PCs would be knowledge of the characters' existences to each other.

Full-Time NPCing

Full Time NPCing is when a player comes to the game and elects not to play a character that he or she makes, but instead opts to use all of his or her time playing as an NPC for the event in order to help the story and game along. Doing this comes with certain perks and caveats, though:

  • Full-Time NPCing costs $0.00. You get to play for free!
  • Full-Time NPCs must work with Logistics to create a character to apply levels and AP too before he or she can be a Full-Time NPC. Even if this means making a "dummy character" to hold your Levels and AP, this is required in order to keep track of what you earn.
  • So long as the Full-Time NPC comes to the event and NPCs for a minimum of 3 Periods, he or she will be allowed to PC one of his or her characters for up to a maximum of 1 period.
  • So long as the Full-Time NPC comes to the event and NPCs for a minimum of 4 Periods, he or she will get +1 Level for one of his or her characters. Additionally, that character will gain AP as though he or she was played as normal. How this Level and AP are applied must be submitted through our Level Up! contact form.
  • For every period that a Full-Time NPC stays at the event to play for, he or she will earn +10 Favor Points to spend at the Favor store.

If you are interested in being a Full-Time NPC for an event, please contact us and let us know!

Player Referrals and Rewards

If you bring a new player to Oblivion and they PC for 3 Events, upon their 3rd PC event, you both gain 1 Referral Token! Referral Tokens can be redeemed for cool rewards.

Only one person can claim a referral at a time and referrals cannot claim those who refer them as their own referrals. To gain credit towards earning these tokens, please notify Logistics at Check-In who you have brought with you / who brought you so that this can be documented. Logistics will keep track of this information and add Referral Tokens to your character files. If you want to find out how many tokens you have or you want to redeem any Referral Tokens you have earned, also notify Logistics.

The following list contains what you can redeem Referral Tokens for:

  • 1 Token: +2 AP
  • 2 Tokens: +1 Level (Limit, 3 times per year)
  • 3 Tokens: 1 Free Trait Boon without need of a Flaw
  • 4 Tokens: "Tier C" Extraordinary Quality (Referred to by the Rules Team as a "0.5 Submission" or an Extraordinary Boon / Heirloom Boon equivalent)
  • 5 Tokens: "Tier B" Extraordinary Submission (Referred to by the Rules Team as a "1.0 Submission" or a Crowdsourcing / Favor Extraordinary / Heirloom equivalent; limit 1 time per year)

Favor System

Earning Favor Points

By helping out the game, you can earn Favor Points. These points can be used for various benefits. Here is how you can earn these favor points.

Name Description Favor Value
Extra NPC Shift This Favor can be earned for every hour of NPC duty that a player completes beyond maximum when requested to by an appropriate marshal, rounded down to the nearest half hour. 25
Full Time NPC This is the number of Favor Points per period that a player earns for Full Time NPCing 25
Carpooling Looking to help out a fellow LARPer and save the environment? We want to compensate you for that. 50 per person (maximum 100 favor per event)
Setup / Cleanup Come help us set up the event weekend or stay to help us clean up at the end of the event. 75 / 75
Purchase For $2.00, a player can purchase 5 Favor Points. 5
Donations Sometimes the game may need specific items or products. Players who donate these items can do so in exchange for Favor Points. Varies


There are many ways players can help the game and one way is through donations. If an item, or items, are given to the game for use the player will receive a comparable amount of Favor points in return. The amount of Favor given is determined by may factors such as how much the game needs these things, the cost of the donation, etc. If something is needed particularly badly, it will often be posted on social media and in the forums along with a special, higher-than-normal Favor reward. Should a player want to donate something, but is unsure what the game needs, they are encouraged to ask a Game Director or check out our Wishlist.

Favor Store

Once you have earned Favor, you'll want to spend it! What someone can purchase with Favor points is in the Favor Store.

Our most popular Favor Store items are highlighted in Orange on our chart below!
Name Description Favor
Quantum Causality What is fate or destiny? As science would say, it's a quantum causality - a doubleheaded entanglement of the future and past with an infinite number of possibilities spawning an infinite number of parallel universes for each and every moment of time in which something different could happen. Being able to influence this is a boundary. All boundaries are conventions. One can transcend any convention if you can first imagine doing so.

This allows the player to pull a single random Quantum Causality card from our Quantum Pocket (a bag or box with the cards in them). Each Quantum Causality card describes a unique and special event and / or effect ranging from discovering items, gaining powers, transforming a character's entire life, or even death. The power level ranges from the minuscule to the unfathomable. Pull at your own risk.

Extraordinary Conditioning ...we’re not even sure what this one is, but it seems to work. One of your characters gets +1 Extraordinary Power Uses for the event. Purchasable only once per event. 50
Too Cool for School You don’t need to sit through some boring lecture by a washed-out, know-it-all teacher to know that the socio-economic status of wherever you’re living is probably subpar. Earn +1 AP for one of your characters for the event. Purchasable only twice per event. 75
Instruction Eager to learn? Get that pesky studying out of the way and learn what you’re looking to learn immediately. Any one ability you self-teach counts as though you had a teacher instead. You must still spend AP as normal to learn the ability and must have all prerequisites to do so. 25 favor per ability rank
CelGen Chewables For “great flavor” and what CelGen Biochem Systems dubs as “nutritious vitamins” you too can get +12 Healable Hit Points and your choice of +3 Physical or +3 Cerebral Powers for the event weekend. Purchasable only twice per event. 125
'Tis But a Scratch Or it could be a flesh wound. Whatever it is, it didn’t quite hurt as much as you thought it would. One of your characters gets your choice of +4 Protection for the event. This Protection can be used on any non-atomic damage type, functions like natural Durability for the purposes of when you call it, and is called as “Protection.” Purchasable only twice per event. 125
"How To" by EIV While nothing is a substitute for good ‘ole army training, this could give you a trick or three. One of your characters will strike for +4 total damage for the event and gains -4 Threshold for the event. This allows you to exceed damage cap. Purchasable only twice per event. 125
Deep Down Inside Sometimes, you have to reach deep inside of you to realize your true potential. This allows you to gain any Boon that you otherwise have all of the prerequisites for / are allowed to take. This can only be purchased a maximum of three times ever for the purposes of choosing the initial Boons, but each month, you can pay the favor cost to access and benefit from those Boons. If the favor cost is not paid for any given month, the Boon is red locked for the event. 75
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Karma can suck, but so can your enemies. You want a unique and powerful way to defeat them? Not a problem, we can help you do just that. This gets you a custom Extraordinary Power or Item. This can only be purchased a maximum of two times ever for the purposes of creating the initial custom powers or items, but each month, you can pay the favor cost to access those powers or items. If the favor cost is not paid for any given month, the power is red locked and the item counts as a basic common item equivalent for the event. 200
Evil Twin Ok, so maybe you don’t really have a twin. And maybe you’re not evil. But a Clone is pretty much the same thing. Plus, it comes stock with a goatee. This gives you the very unique opportunity to get a Clone, take a snapshot of your consciousness, and house the Clone at no cost to you for 3 months. 1500
Board and Checkpoint Clones ain’t cheap to make and they certainly don’t stay alive in their cryotanks for free. Feeding tubes and CelGen goopity-goop costs money, after all. Upload your consciousness as a “save spot” for your Clone so, if you die, you don’t come back forgetting how to tie your shoe laces. Remember, your Clone will only have as much knowledge and memory as you did when you last made a Checkpoint! (*Note* - This does require your character to have IG Cybernetic Wetware in order to have your consciousness downloaded; additionally, this cannot be done in response to a character death, it must be done pre-emptively) 150
Everybody Gets One Sometimes things don't go the way you planned. A precious few are lucky enough to have it wind up ending alright. With this purchase, you can do one of a few things: satisfy a single Boost addiction, satisfy a single Pike upkeep, or change a catastrophic D&T failure into a... less painful one. Purchasable once per event. 200
dtcornholio Looking to feel good, strap in, and get a bit paranoid? This gets you TP for your bunghole and +1 D&T points. Purchasable only twice per event. 75
Relax, I'm a Professional Not many people are well-versed in multiple fields. I guess you never got that memo. This allows you to submit a normal Level Up form when you gain a level in order to learn an Expert or Master class without a teacher when you otherwise would have needed one. This does not grant the level in and of itself nor does it allow the character to exceed the number of Master Classes they are allowed to have at any time. 250
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start Some people’s motto might be “cheat to win” but we say “why cheat when you can use super powers instead?” This gets you a custom Extraordinary Power or Item. This can only be purchased once per year per character. 600
Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum It’s too bad most people are always out of gum. This gives your character +1 permanent attribute of your choice! This is only purchasable once ever per character. 400
I Done Fucked Up... Everyone’s been there, bro. We feel for you. Not to worry, we’ll let it slide this one time. Once ever per character you can purchase this to do a full character Level and AP respend. Your character is still the same in-game character otherwise and this cannot be used for a character after that character has permed. 1000

Immersion System

At each event, players have the capacity to earn Immersion Points by demonstrating exceptional role-playing and immersion at a game. You never know when a marshal may be watching for high quality and immersive role-play, so it is encouraged to remain in character and to always role play as strongly as possible.

Earning Immersion Points

Earning Immersion Points works as follows:

  • Plot Marshals have a number of Immersion Points per month they can give to players, not to exceed 1 IP per player per Marshal. These are discussed during the following Plot meeting and tracked on Character Cards.

Immersion Store

We understand that for newer players, this system might sound daunting, but always remember that we are a community who has come together to enjoy what we do with each other. You are among friends, so don’t be afraid to break out of your shell! You will find that it is a ton of fun!

What Immersion Points can be used for:

  • 1 Immersion Point can be turned in for 2 AP to a maximum of twice per event
  • 5 Immersion Points can be turned in for +1 Level up to a maximum of once per three events
  • 5 Immersion Points can be turned in for +1 Effective Attribute in any single Attribute of Choice once per Attribute per Character ever
  • 10 Immersion Points can be turned in for +1 Actual Attribute in any single Attribute of Choice once per Character ever
  • 10 Immersion Points can be turned in for 1 Accolade, usable on Trademark Lists
  • 15 Immersion Points can be turned in for 1 Extraordinary Catalyst Power. This can be used to enhance a dedication gift if desired. Limit once per year.
  • 20 Immersion Points can be turned in for 1 Catalyst, usable on Super Lists