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"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder one of four marshals saying, `There is no hope, only rules.`"
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Welcome to our Public Test Realm! Like many video games, our LARP is constantly trying to improve our existing rules and ensure that they are fair, balanced, and enjoyable. This section of our rules is dedicated to that and in it you'll find everything we are currently play testing before it becomes fully live and the other appropriate wiki sections are updated.


Hotfixes are essentially "live updates" to the live wiki when the Rules Team finds and fixes issues that are considered quick, easy, and mechanically necessary but won't necessarily cause large logistical issues for many players or the logistics staff team as a whole. Hotfixes are also implemented when there is a need to make a clarifying statement to better represent what an existing rule is meant to be. Example of hotfixes would be as follows (though not necessarily limited to...): adding a clarification to an existing ability that helps people better understand what it is meant to actually do, change a single Level Platform on a Class List without necessarily overhauling the entire class, and / or making best-judgment changes to abilities, traits, or minor aspects to core rules.

Hot fixes are not really ever in beta test, but always considered "live patches" to the game's rules system.

List of Recent Hotfixes

Post February/March Back-to-Back 2017 Events

  • Modified wording of Hotfixes to better reflect the intent behind what Hotfixes are and the scope in which the Rules team determines beta tests vs. hotfixes
  • Modified Hide / Bark of the Natural Defense Boon to remove Direct as a modifier it works against for balance reasons due to the intent of how Direct is supposed to function.
  • Clone Maintenance as a concept has been removed from the game. The Biochemist list and Death and Taxes sections have been updated to reflect this.
  • Clones / Synth Blanks and Checkpoints in the Death and Taxes section has been updated to better reflect how these things function in the game.
  • Command: Pressure no longer exists and has been replaced with Command: Focus
  • Modified Medic Level 1 Platform "EMT" to rebalance due to changes to economy
  • Modified Sensei Level 12 Platform "Meditation" to re-balance what the specific Meditations of "Fire," "Water," and "Heart" do.
  • Death and Taxes section has been updated to change Story / Bullet Point D&Ts in terms of how D&T point use is calculated and to introduce a cap to Story D&Ts per month and more accurately reflect how the result generation process works. We also added the concept of "Recreation" D&Ts.
    • The online Contact Form for Death and Taxes has been overhauled to better reflect how D&Ts work and should be submitted for it
  • Added Inviolable to Keywords.
  • Modified Spectro Goggles on List of Common Items and Components to re-balance the charge effects.
  • Modified Pre-Approved Concepts section to update minor wording changes (Bleed vs. Recurring, Constituent vs. Modifier)
  • Added Sanctuary to list of keywords. Moved Imprisonment Effect as a subcategory of Bind to be a subcategory of Sanctuary and updated the wording to reflect intended mechanics.
  • Modified Garrote to dramatically improve the ability based on what it should be doing and how it should be getting leveraged and allow for Dexterity to be used as attribute prereqs in addition to strength. It also now has a prereq of Waylay
  • Modified Kidnap and Waylay to allow for Dexterity to be used as attribute prereqs in addition to strength
  • Updated the Extraordinary Traits, Abilities, and Qualities section to include notes warning about the limitations of custom submissions and the rules team's ability to approve, deny, or modify them as needed.
  • Updated the Traits section of the wiki for Natural Defense: Bark/Hide and Natural Defense: Reflexes to remove mention of working against Direct
  • Modified Jab to change its name to Rend and allow it to work with all melee, not just unarmed styles. It now does 4 points of damage per rank to protection instead of 2 per rank. It has been removed from Survivalist and it has been added to Athlete, Fighter, Detective, Enforcer, Soldier. Other lists that had Jab have been updated to reflected to now have Rend. Rend has a Level Prerequisite of 3 instead of 1 now for most lists.
  • Modified Shred to now deal 4 points of protection damage per rank instead of 2.
  • Both Rend and Shred now count as Surprise attacks. The type of Protection they work against is based on the damage modifiers used with the attack (E.G. enhancing Rend with Ener as a modifier will only allow it to work on Protection that would be capable of stopping Ener attacks)
  • Mercenary now has Rend and Shred at level 6 instead of level 9.
  • Brawler has had its Level 1 and Level 12 Platform modified to remove "...the character gains +12 Hit Points, +2 Agility, +2 Resilience, and an additional -2 threshold while any rank of Defensive Stance the character knows is actively being sustained. Additionally, the Level 16 Platform had Direct removed from the list of what their Protection will work against.
  • Protection Slots have been reduced from 9 total slots to 5 total slots.
  • Ballistics Armor at all ranks have been modified to require a different number of named components to craft (and therefore repair) depending upon whether or not it is a vest or regular armor piece. The List of Common Items and Components has been updated accordingly.
  • Master HP Cap raised to 144 from 126. This was originally a mistype as 144 was the intended HP Cap.
  • Icon has had its Level 1 Progress Platform modified so that it no longer grants a "custom boon" but allows a player to duplicate any existing boon they have all the prerequisites for already. This still allows a boon to be chosen even if it exceeds the maximum amount normally allowed, unless otherwise specified (such as "In The Black"). All players with this platform who had a custom boon submission already approved had their submissions looked over for power level. All of the players with custom boon submissions in this case would have had their custom submissions approved under another purchase of Extraordinary Trait, so, as such, all of these were changed to simply show a mimic of the Extraordinary Trait. No player abilities or functionality has been altered as a result of this, but it is now much easier to follow submission guidelines - should someone want something custom, they would choose the Extraordinary Trait and follow all conceptual power levels for such a submission.
  • Updated the wording of the Ambidextrous Boon to clarify the intent and mechanical benefit of the Trait.

Post April 2017 Event

  • We created a new Contact Us form on the main website to submit for Beta Testing requests. The link is [1]

Service Packs

Service Packs are larger scale updates that impact entire lists or a large portion of the game's overall rules or a large portion of a specific subset of rules. These types of changes are usually much more potentially impactful to gameplay and to players of the game. An example of a service pack would be revamping an entire class or changing a fundamental core rule of the game such as how attributes work.

Service Packs are always put into Beta Test for a period of at least 3 months before they are fully implemented during a Quarterly Patch.

Quarterly Patching

Every 3 months, the Rules Team will announce major Service Pack releases for the game that are no longer in beta test and are considered live game rules content. These months are March, June, September, and December. Only Service Packs that have been in beta for at least 3 months are eligible for release during a patch month.

Beta Testers

Rules team members and other staff members are often or usually used as beta testers during live events for testing Service Pack rules changes and using their perception of how those changes impacted gameplay and the players, the Service Pack updates are tweaked, scrapped, or implemented after their playtest period. Sometimes, players and non-staff will be called upon to help beta test Service Pack changes to the game, especially if the Service Pack changes would impact the player(s) who is(are) helping with the playtest.

When Service Packs are being tested, there will often be specific times during live events in which the Beta Test will be occurring and anything outside of those times, the current live version of the rule will otherwise be in effect. Sometimes, playtest periods will last the entire weekend.

List of Current Beta Tests

Below is a list of all current Beta Tests that are actively in their 3-month playtest period.

  • Core Rules Changes
    • Powers that are Super Rank do not utilize Power Uses of any kind. Instead, powers used at Super Rank may only be used a number of times equal to the number of times that a character purchased the use of that Super Rank power. Characters may only purchase Super Rank powers up to a maximum of 5 times total per power. Super Rank powers cost 10 AP per use to purchase. Characters with Super Rank powers may choose, as always, to use any rank of the power they know; they are not forced to use their Super Rank uses of the power unless otherwise specified by an ability.
    • Skills that are Super Rank simply follow the normal upwards progression scale in terms of mechanical benefit, but cost 10 AP to purchase so long as the character has the capability of purchasing the skill up to Super Rank. Skills with multiple purchases may be upgraded in the same way by spending 10 AP per purchase.
  • Classes
    • Basic Classes
      • None
    • Expert Classes
      • Enforcer BETA (Note - Major update to the list to better reflect the intent of an expert class tank build as well as to reflect the major overhaul change to Grifter and Leader)
      • Grifter is being removed from the game as part of this play-test period to accommodate the new Strategist BETA and Leader BETA beta classes
    • Master Classes
      • Kommando BETA (Note - Major update to the list to better reflect the intent of a master class tank build)
      • Consultant BETA (Note - This list is a brand new list and has no predecessor version, so it currently lives in the live wiki even though it is technically still in Beta; this is the second quarter this list is in beta)
      • Strategist BETA (Note - This class is used in place of both the Kingpin and Tactician Master classes for the purposes of this Beta Test. Various Level Platforms are being changed from the current ones in the live wiki: Kingpin and Tactician)
      • VIP BETA (Note - This class currently exists as a Trademark, but due to the power level of platforms, changes to other lists in the game, and general role play of characters with the list, the rules team believes, for balance purposes, that it is better suited as a Master Class upgrade path for Influence-based characters)
    • Trademark Classes
      • Leader BETA (Note - Net new Trademark list based on play-testing of Strategist BETA and play-testing the non-existence of Grifter, which sort of folds into this Trademark.)
      • Operative BETA (Note - Parsed out of Specialist, which no longer exists.)
      • Patriot BETA (Note - Various Progress Platforms are being changed from the current ones in the live wiki: Patriot)
    • Super Classes
      • None

List of Beta Tests Approved Last Quarter

  • Core Rules Changes
    • Attributes (Note - Bonuses and effects that hard attributes give were updated. This was updated in the live wiki prior to official Beta Testing rules existing and have since been fully approved)
  • List of Abilities
    • Cyber Abilities (Note - A very large revamp of Cyber Abilities was theory-crafted as a result of the genre change from Post Apocalyptic to Cyberpunk.)
    • Carry (This was a net new ability added)
    • Demoralize (Changes based on player feedback)
    • Shred (This was a net new ability added)
    • Sunder (Changes based on rebalancing for new economy changes)
  • List of Common Items and Components
    • Explosives (Note - Changes based on Player Feedback. Damage types and amounts on all Explosives items were heavily changed for realism and balance purposes. These were updated in the live wiki prior to official Beta Testing rules existing and have since been formally approved)
  • Classes
    • Basic Classes
      • None
    • Expert Classes
      • Adventurer (Note - Combined Outcast and Adventurer for balance and simplification purposes due to unnecessary overlap)
      • Hacker (Note - Net new Expert Class as a result of cyber ability and Cybernaut overhauls)
      • Orator (Note - See Level 12 Platform as it is currently worded. This was updated in the live wiki prior to official Beta Testing rules existing and have since been fully approved)
    • Master Classes
      • Cybernaut (Note - Various Level Platforms were updated from the old version of the class)
      • Daredevil (Note - Parsed out of Specialist)
      • Guerrilla no longer exists as a result of other approved master and trademark lists
      • Mercenary (Note - Parsed out of Specialist)
      • Sensei (Note - See meditations and Stance Mastery. This was updated in the live wiki prior to official Beta Testing rules existing and has since been fully approved)
      • Sharpshooter (Note - Parsed out of Specialist)
    • Trademark Classes
      • None
    • Super Classes
      • None